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A Nawabi Feast
Pop Up at Berber SF-Aug 2023

At the pinnacle of my culinary achievements stands my collaboration with Berber, a Michelin-starred gem. Together, we conjured a menu transporting diners straight into the royal realms of Awadh, with each plate narrating tales of age-old traditions and culinary artistry.

Sustainable Culinary Journeys in the Heart of the Colombian Páramo

During my time at Finca El Sandalo, an organic farm in Miraflores, Boyacá, Colombia, I immersed myself in the world of sustainable farming. Surrounded by the Páramo, the fastest-evolving biome and one of 26 unique Páramos in Colombia, I learned about the delicate balance of these ecosystems and the dangers posed by over-farming and overconsumption in the West. This experience underscored the importance of eating fresh and local, which benefits both our bodies and the planet. I was fortunate enough to cook with local, fresh ingredients, gaining a profound appreciation for the farm-to-table journey. My knowledge of sustainable farming practices now allows me to highlight the crucial work of small farms like Finca El Sandalo, showcasing their efforts to preserve their local flora and fauna and protect the Páramo, a critical water source and biodiversity hotspot​ (Marca País Colombia)​​ (ActionAid)​​ (Frontiers)​​ (One Earth)​.

A Journey Through the World's Wine Regions

As a Level 2 WSET certified enthusiast, I combine my passion for food and wine, making it a focal point of my travels to the world's renowned wine regions. From the elegant vineyards of Bordeaux and the sparkling fields of Champagne to the scenic Douro Valley, the historic Rioja, and the vibrant wineries of Argentina and Chile, each destination offers unique insights and experiences. My eternal love for learning about viticulture and the intricate art of food and wine pairing fuels my journeys, deepening my appreciation for the rich traditions and innovative practices that define each region.

Diet Consultant at Fitchicks: Pinups to Pushups

As a dieting consultant for the Pinups to Pushups Pleasanton Branch at Fitchicks, I created custom meal plans and healthy recipes tailored to the clients at the gym. I hosted in-person meetings and gym demos, providing personalized guidance and support to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Through these interactions, I emphasized the importance of balanced nutrition and the role it plays in overall health and wellness, ensuring that each client received the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their fitness journey.

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